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Astros Adventures. The Gypsy Curse!  by  Susan Day

Astros Adventures. The Gypsy Curse! by Susan Day
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Astros Adventure! The Gypsy Curse is centered around the age old battle for supremacy between the mighty canines and the sly felines. The story begins with a wily old cat named Speed Bump Charlie meeting up with Tinka, a mesmerizing gypsy cat up to no good. As Tinka weaves her plan of destruction for all dog kind, a secret dog organization under the leadership of Commander Rocky and dedicated to saving mistreated and/or abandoned canines, soon realizes something or someone is against them as many of their operatives are disappearing.

They even suspect a spy among them. Could it be one of their own? As the covert canine team sets about to save their agents and uncover the true culprit behind the doggie kidnappings a wonderful adventure unfolds with a very tricky ending. Through her wonderful stories, the author admittedly hopes to bring attention to canine ownership responsibility however other lessons are learned in this adventurous tale such as leadership, teamwork and loyalty. A great book of inspiration, morality and kindness with a bit of sauce and sass for added flavor. A big thumbs up from this review reader.

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