The End of September Ray Z. Rivers


Published: February 10th 2012



The End of September  by  Ray Z. Rivers

The End of September by Ray Z. Rivers
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In October 1970 Canada was consumed by its greatest national crisis as the home grown terrorist organization, the FLQ, engaged in robberies, bombings and kidnaping with the ambition of destabilizing the country and allowing the separation ofthe province of Quebec from the rest of the country. Prime Minster Pierre Trudeau declared martial law and called out the army to put down the revolt and eliminate the terrorist threat.Ten years later the Premier of Quebec holds a referendum on sovereignty association, a gentler form of separation from the rest of Canada and is rebuffed, forcing him into actions leading his arrest and unleashing a campaign of oppression by the Canadian government and terror from a renewed FLQ for at least the next two decades.

This conflict finally culminates in a series of actions to commemorate the funeral of Trudeau, who died at the end of September 2000.The story is seen through the eyes of Jerry, a former US draft dodger and small businessman his lovely partner Jacqui, who is a separatist. Romance, action and intrigue mingle with the mundane as this couple and the other characters they encounter fill out the story to its conclusion.

The End of September is an historical novel but is intended to offer insight and instruction into the complex issue of nationhood and nationalsim.

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