Asi hablaba Zaratustra/El Anticristo Friedrich Nietzsche

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Asi hablaba Zaratustra/El Anticristo  by  Friedrich Nietzsche

Asi hablaba Zaratustra/El Anticristo by Friedrich Nietzsche
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Frederick Nietzsche, of the Existentialist School, is great at saying things that we all know but just havent thought about in a while. For me the central ideal in This Spake Zarathustra is the parable of the camel, the lion, and the child. Mr. Nietzsche says that the spirit starts in a kind of spiritual desert as a camel. The long-suffering camel has his back loaded up with Thou Shalts, directions given from others about what to do in life. Its so easy for us to let other peoples expectations and thoughts about us get in the way of achieving the things we know we can achieve. We have to ignore the voices of negativity and doubt which tell us Thou shalt.

These people will try to define us and direct our lives, but we are the only people who truly know what we want and need. I dont know if he meant this, but this section reminded me of the ancient monotheistic religions, which trade stock in telling people what to do. Take Christianity for example. Now, I think that Jesus himself had a lot of interesting things to say about how we live our lives, but I understand what Mr.

Nietzsche is saying about his later followers (if you can even call them that!) who distort his beautiful teachings into ways to control people. As if Jesus Christ would ever say Thou Shalt! But luckily the camel transforms into the lion, who roars an I will!. But thats not enough! A lot of people just go through life, dreaming of the person they can become some when they will do all the things that their spirit tells them to do. But theyre just comforted by this dream of what theyll do and be some day off in the distant future, and they never actually change!

They never actually do those things that are so important to their spirits! Its good, then, that the lion then transforms into the child, who says Yes. We have to say YES to ourselves, to our thoughts, to our ideas, to our desires. We have to, have to. We know this, everyone knows this, but yet a lot of times we live our lives by saying No, later. I will. No- now. Yes. Now. Say Yes to yourself and live with transformative, purposeful intentionality then everything else in your life will fall into place. Thats what Mr. Nietzsche is trying to say here.

This is a sacred Yes, a new beginning. He says that people who learn to say Yes will transform into becoming an ubermensche. Uber like the excellent taxi company, mensche like the Yiddish word for a standup guy. That is what lies in our futures if we learn to finally get over our hangups and I hope that everyone who reads this book can learn this lesson and become ubermenches in their own daily lives at home and at work.

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