Depravity and Logicales Ethan Grothues


Published: May 4th 2015

Kindle Edition


Depravity and Logicales  by  Ethan Grothues

Depravity and Logicales by Ethan Grothues
May 4th 2015 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, ZIP | | ISBN: | 9.66 Mb

The poems contained within this book are a brutal assault upon the senses, which makes one say, “what the fuck did I just read?”One is impressed with the technical skill that is at play within these poems. A creeping nihilism emerges from the pages of this tome, calling back to ancient philosophies, as our ancestors looked up to the stars, creating religions to deal with the brutalities and absurdities of life.

It is easy to end up in a pit of dark despair, yet many of the poems here, while they may deal with death and the futility of meaning, one cannot but be lifted up with the language that outputs auditory orgasms. Herein, Depravity and Logicales, nuance couples tradition and poetry in contemporary literature seems to have a future.~David Theis, IntroductionYour ability to sneak in the mystery of your writing mixed in with blunt phrases makes your work that much more alluring to me.

When I read your work I’m just like, “I could never write like this.” Your intelligence and life experiences sludge onto the page as though your fingers typing on the keyboard (or pen in hand) cannot possibly capture every thought spilling out of you at the given moment, because it is not quick enough to soak up all the intellect and real experiences streaming out and yet the work is not chaotic, but carefully and precisely placed in academic perfection.

Damn. Your style is very interesting and breathes with an ancient essence.~Prari Blair

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