TRILOGY ATHENIAN DEMOCRACY Other Lysistrata Planetary Bird Descent in Hades Battle Frogs C OPERA Nikos Kolesis


Published: December 16th 2015

Kindle Edition


TRILOGY ATHENIAN DEMOCRACY Other Lysistrata Planetary Bird Descent in Hades Battle Frogs C OPERA  by  Nikos Kolesis

TRILOGY ATHENIAN DEMOCRACY Other Lysistrata Planetary Bird Descent in Hades Battle Frogs C OPERA by Nikos Kolesis
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NIKOS KOLESISSYNOPSISTRILOGYATHENIAN DEMOCRACYOTHER LYSISTRATAPLANETARY BIRDDESCENT INTO HADESBATTLE FROGSCOPERA- COMEDY1OTHER LYSISTRATAATHENS 5TH CENTURY BCDivine Odysseus and the Multiform Elpinoras arrivedat the Port of Piraeus,MoreNIKOS KOLESISSYNOPSISTRILOGYATHENIAN DEMOCRACYOTHER LYSISTRATAPLANETARY BIRDDESCENT INTO HADESBATTLE FROGSCOPERA- COMEDY1OTHER LYSISTRATAATHENS 5TH CENTURY BCDivine Odysseus and the Multiform Elpinoras arrivedat the Port of Piraeus, where left the ship of legendary Ithaca under a shed. On the way to Athens voices heard and asked to learn what happens a group of Athenian.Goddess Athena was transformed into one of theseReplied politely.Join usWe will accommodate youDo not turn yourself along and deserts in five streets.Thank you-thank youAre famous Elpinoras, the warrior of light,And resourceful Odysseus.When they arrived at the house of Lysistrata requestedTo meet the multimode Athenian.This just hearing who was the two ForeignImmediately came out to greet themAs if they knew long.LYSISTRATAPass-passYou have reached at the appropriate time.We need alliesTo achieve-this-we want.ELPINORASWants and query2Is it ever possible to deny something to a woman.LYSISTRATAThis I say to AthenianListen-we got the power from menWomen manage Athens.ELPINORASWhy men what do, eagle flyThey did not understand anything.LYSISTRATAThey are absent in the warFighting years away.Gradually we take the power.ELPINORASWow!

Wow this is awesomeFirst time happens in History,Women taking power.And what are you going to doHow will face the men.WOMEN ALL TOGETHERWe propose the PeaceIn a feminin way Peace.3ODYSSEUSAnd how do you achieve this.The opponents will exploit differencesAnd will attack to conquer Athens.LYSISTRATAWe have Plan, Drawing Female PlanWe made it to the female mind,Is unbeatable!No one can put us.ELPINORASListen-listen PlanI am all earsMaybe we can help.VERENIKIThey did not slaughter prrrrtsss!!!!We will not disclose our secretsWe did not even know you.Can men betray us,You support each other.Men are the losers of Game,The sex of the world are female.LYSISTRATA4We the women hold the fate of worldIn our hands.

Men only thinkThe war and love.Only a major upset saves usIt is time to take the power,Enough we tolerated the men.FAIDRAI just got out of the gymLook formed breasts and divine ass.I want to challenge menBe willing to make crazy love with me.My friendsBegin the Revolution without Me.PLANETARY BIRDODYSSEUS -ELPINORAS AND OTHERSELPINORASThe souls of the dead are countless flocks,Armies, constitutions come from the abyss.They came from the underworld along with meand resourceful Odysseus.They want to live the life over again,That broke the bonds of death.The Eternal Return of opening revealsthe dimensions of the big time.5ODYSSEUSMortal-immortalWe travel through the wormhole of Big TimeMaking passes posthumously.Nobody exceeded the cycles of birth and death.The world collapsesWe must invent Other City, a Other Life.Divine Odysseus gave advice to tickle Elpinora how behaved,what he makes and does not start running behind women.He reacted by saying that it is worseAnd he had countless mistresses.If I open the mouth and speak for your wivesDoes not save you anything, will become loss.Discussing arrived in a country Unknown, LargeUnexplored and uncreated.Heard only the rustle of leaves, the trumpetsAnd the gallop of horses.ODYSSEUSUntil we find the Ideal CityWe have time, the birds show the way,Until we find Daedalus.He is the man who became Dragon birdTransformed into a dragon with wingsAnd then takes the form of Anthropomorphic Dragon.A dance of wild arpies, prehistoric, historicAnd migratory birds made noise spoiling the world.6The eagles, vultures, crows, other birdsAnd the servant of the Dragon with wings appearedJaunty, jaunty shaking their tails.SERVANT DRAGON WITH WINGS- ΜΟNOLOGUEVery funny they became ridiculous, bozosSpending for smart while being silly.ELPINORAS - EXOTIC BIRDI live some of the transformations of an alienNow I am an exotic bird deep in good spirits.I look changed but it does not matterI will return to my normal levels.So do not be surprised if you see change form,Persons, to become someone else.SERVANT DRAGONWhat kind of man he isFrom where keeps his generation.This is also number, crazyAnd thinks he is something elseFrom where came from.ODYSSEUS – EAGLEI am from the Democracy of Big TimeA meta chronic of timeThat became egle, air grinding.Tralala- tralalo7We are not well we have no mindWe bring planetary Peace.Tralala- tralaloGARGALONIA - DESCENT IN HADESResourceful Odysseus King of Ithaca and tingling Elpinoras decided to descend into Hades,to ask seer Tiresias if they turn back to Ithaca,or they will wander constantly inthe opening, in the circles of Eternal Return.When they arrived at the lake of Big Time,They lead them famous Gargalonia- Frog Eggs to Underworld.All together went up on a boat of old ferryman Charonpaying three obolus freight to download themto the underworld, in palaces of Pluto.Descent into HadesDescent into HadesDarkness covered Hades did not appear nothing,Fiery flames sprang up from the bowels of earth,And they burned that in front of them.An endless song of death, the human pain.FROG EGGS -GARGALONIAWe are crazy Gargalonia- Frog Eggs8The warriors of sweet waterThe teasers - the teasersNo one escapes from us.Koax - koax -ko -ko -aaCHARONNo more money - end the moneyThey finished the jokes, we arrived at the end.From here the god of Hades with you .I hope you likedAnd you give Life!We confused said resourceful OdysseusHow we will find the house of Pluto,I do not see anything, it is pitch-darkly,Its like an imaginary hologram.The passages are subtle- perhaps thisIt is the city of future, the home of future.AIITISFilthy what you want hereGet fast,You will gut the monster of HadesWith seven heads and many hands.How you passed from CerberusAnd the madness gargalonia,Theyre checking around the world!GARGALONIA9Divine Odysseus and tingling ElpinorasThey arrived in Hades.Want to meet the king of underworldThe awesome and terrible Pluto, the seer Tiresias .ODYSSEUSMultimode Elpinora hiding behind meYou want to change rolesBecoming Ulysses and I Elpinoras,King in place of King.ELPINORASWhy you think that I will be afraid fI accept gladly to become OdysseusBring to put clothes of Dragon with human form.GARGALONIAWe constantly change rolesWe become differentFrom what we areRemaining Own .Ko - Ko - ax- VrekourexThis change brought up underInvolve in adventures both of Ithaca man,And multiform Odysseus asked to changeAgain roles from mad Elpinora .AIITIS10Women - WomenWhere is the one who stole you,It turns here and thereAnd he says he can notOvercomes him no one.ELPINORASI swear I m innocentI swear on my mother, the Olympian GodsHow I did not steal even anything.This is to get - shows Odysseus -Transformed into Elpinora.ULYSSESCompletely out of your mindHe is responsible- Shows Elpinora transformed as Odysseus -Get him.AIITISI Involve bad, they are crazy for tyingOne blames the other.ELPINORASI suggest we try a GameWho can bears much in what Tickling,Who can withstand more laughter,Its funnier.11ODYSSEUSI accept with great pleasure the challengeForward start from me.I sing a happy songWhere the singer at the endDies of laughter and falls under arid!The Meeting of resourceful OdysseusWith seer Teiresias, his mother Antikleiain underworld, in the palaces of Hades.BATLLE FROGSRISE OF THE HADISDreadful Pluto, the sovereign of Darkness ordered giant AntaiosTo accompany the legendary heroes in the Upper World.He said to protect them from the adventures, sufferings,Enemies or hazards of Great Nekyia.SO BEGAN THE BIG RISEDivine Odysseus and tingling Elpinora.ODYSSEUSSeer Tiresias predicted the return to IthacaAfter many hardships and adventures.12ELPINORASWe learned about the much afflicted Return in mythical Ithaca,All those years of wandering, I try to rememberThe form of my own but I can not.Resourceful Odysseus saw your mother, prudent AntikleiaWas the most shocking moment in Hades,She talked about the Beautiful Ithaca our relatives.PLUTO KING OF HADESMultimode Odysseus and you ticklish ElpinoraI will not keep to you other in the down world.The road is clear and dogs tiedAntaio where are you stupid why are you messing around.ANTAIOS - GIANTMy King cried forever your servant.What it became they leave already the visitors.PLUTODivine Odysseus and multiform Elpinoras leave the underworld, they learned what they wanted.You undertake to accompany them as the opening of Hades, who would hurt them have to makes with me.ANTAIOSWants with me Cerberus, the dog with three heads13And the tail with the dragon head.PLUTOYou Geryon undertakes to pass the heroes,Over the abyss, dark abyssUntil the gates leading to the Upper world.ODYSSEUSWith what we will go upThe travel is long and difficult.PLUTOAs you went down with the boat of demon Flegya,In Hades there are no luxuries.ODYSSEUSKing PlutoThanks for hostingYou looked after with more.This was one of the most important experiences of my life.ELPINORASWonderful Lord of HadesWe are grateful for the help.I will narrate in our children and grandchildrenHow I met legendary PlutoAnd you would not believe.14PLUTOThank you - thank youRarely hear good words,Take a little courage weTo do our job.We have we make dealing with deadsThey are very wayward, that villain.All together they left the boat demon FlegyaMythical Odysseus, famous Elpinoras,Giant Antaios, Cerberus there were standingAnd looked around carefully.

Flew over GeryonThe winged demon ready to intervene if necessary.They passed over the abyss, the Island of FireWhere becomes the PURGATION of SOULS.They burnt until the expiation in all stages of Consciousness.KERBEROSAngels of Deaths guarding the gates of Hades,E!

Patriots what you make hereContinue asleep.Anyone wanting enters and exits the underworld.ELPINORASAngels my good AngelsOpen the doors we pass.We are good people we did not make anything wrong.I swear on my mother and my mistress.15ANGEL OF DEATHWho stupid shoutsIt woke up us abruptly,We cannot sleep littleWe have a lot work.ANGEL OF DEATHThey want to get out of HadesGo - crazyNobody does not leave from underworld,Does not exist Return.ANTAIOSSleepyhead you open the doorsWe have order from King Pluto.To look at the evidenceIf the learned lord of darknessWill be angry a lot.ANGEL OF DEATHWell we made a joke guysColleagues we areImmediately you took seriously.ANGELS OF DEATHE!

You guardsOpen the gates16To pass the warriors of Big Time.Famous Odysseus and multiform ElpinorasThey passed from the Golden Gate of big time,And left behind the down world.Astonished they reached in mauth of Hades,In Acheroysia lake with terrible fumes.They left fast going to the next forest to escape.FROGSThey look alienAs if it came from another world.Alea - aleoKoax - koaxLets see what they will make.The detectors frogs Oros, Minos and AiakosTogether with Prince Rhadamanthy led the WarriorsOf light in the palace of King Ogygou.BATTLE FROGSPALACE OF KING OGYGOUNano frogs camped around the palaceWhole armies filled the surrounding hills, plainsLakes until reaching the human eye.Meanwhile in the opposite campKing Ajax, the makers and the Suitors17They had military councils to decideHow they will continue the great BATTLE FROGS.All hanging by a thread, a simple factThat could change the outcome of the battle, the History.ALL TOGETHER THE FROGSKing Ogygos – the king OgygosThe most important ruler.OGYGOS - KINGDivine Odysseus and you multimode ElpinoraWelcome to the Land of Frogs.ODYSSEUSMagnificent Ogyge brave KingThanks for the welcome.OGYGOSMultimode king of IthacaWhat reason brought you to our country?ULYSSESMy King we come from the underworldPluto left us freeWe are PEACEMAKERS.18ALL TOGETHERThis is the Democracy of Big TimeThis is the History.19NIKOS KOLESIS

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